Group Rules

1. Everyone will have a chance to speak, but will not be under any obligation to do so.  Please respect the person speaking and wait till they finish to make any comments.




3. Group participants will practice being non-judgmental in their comments or sharing of information.


4. Please use I statements and keep the focus on self.  Share your experiences, and/or identify with the feelings.


5. We do not tell others what they should do; we suggest options.


6. All expressions of feelings, including laughing and crying are allowed with the exception of prejudicial intolerance or any violence either verbal or physical.  If someone becomes out of control, the Facilitator or Co-facilitator will remove them from the meeting; further, if the person refuses to take direction and the safety of others is at risk, in house security and/or the police will be called.


7. Full names of non-participants should not be mentioned as this may unfairly undermine a current relationship between a member and that individual, i.e. doctor, therapist, hospital, clinic, etc.


8. No information will be released by this group to any outside agency or individual without the written consent of the member, with the exception of (1) If a child's welfare is compromised or at risk And (2) if someone is a danger to self or others.


9. Participants should feel free to get up and move around during the meeting, should they feel the need to do so.


10. Participants are encouraged to exchange phone numbers and call each other between meetings.


11. THIS IS YOUR GROUP! If any member has any suggestions or criticisms, you are encouraged to voice them to a Board of Directors Member, Group Facilitator or Co-Facilitator.

Support is essential to recovery. One of the most helpful things one person can say to (or hear from) another is “I’ve been there.” Depression and Bipolar Disorder can be isolating illnesses, but DBSA has many ways to help connect you with others who have been there as well.



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Dr. Martin Fakiel, MD and contributing members. 




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National Crisis Hotline: 9-8-8